Gold coast girl a Chicago based fashion lifestyle guide 2022

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Ashley Rebecca started the Chicago-based fashion and leisure blog in Chicago. The blog discusses topics such as food, beauty, fashion as well as travel, and furniture for the home.

Magazines like “Redbook,” “Real Simple,” “Chicago magazine,” and “The Huffington Post” have all been covered in The Gold Coast Girl.

As per “Chicago Magazine,” Ashley Rebecca was one of Chicago’s “30 under 30” in 2013.

A Chicago-based fashion and lifestyle blog are known as Gold Coast Girl

Gold coast girl a chicago based fashion lifestyle guide. The website, created and directed by Lauren Pearsall, focuses on the Chicago area and features food, beauty, fashion travel, lifestyle, and other issues.

Chicago Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun-Times, The Daily Herald, WGN-TV, NBC5 Chicago, ABC7 Chicago, and other magazines have all highlighted The Gold Coast Girl.

A Summary of My Fashion and Lifestyle

A lot of girls love doing their shopping online or in stores. I’m a woman in my 20s who likes to look at the latest fashions. I rarely visit Macy’s and Nordstrom.

I don’t have the money to buy an extensive wardrobe. My time could be better spent writing my website Gold Coast Girl or oton her more productive work.

I post the latest developments, my findings, as well as my criteria for searching. Enjoy exploring new ideas and sharing my knowledge with others. I truly hope that you enjoy reading.

A Chicago-based lifestyle and fashion magazine dubbed Gold Coast Girl

It is a place to empower, educate and inspire women to look and feel great. I’m here to assist you to create a wardrobe that you love and feel comfortable with. Through fashion tips, outfit suggestions, and helpful product recommendations. Gold coast girl a Chicago-based fashion lifestyle guide.

I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and have always had a keen interest in fashion. I began this blog in order to spread my experiences and help others learn. After working for a luxury retail store and getting some experience in the industry.

Since its launch in the year 2016. Gold Coast Girl has quickly gained prominence in Chicago’s top lifestyle and fashion blogs. Newspapers such as Chicago Magazine, Chicago Tribune along with Red Tricycle have all featured me.

Instagram: Gold Coast Girl

A blog about Gold coast girl a chicago based fashion lifestyle guide. Alyssa Fiorentino, the blog’s editor-in-chief and founder, first launched The Gold Coast Girl at the beginning of 2013. Since it’s been around women of all ages have begun to depend on it as a source for style and fashion ideas.

Whatever their financial status, Alyssa wants to make her readers feel chic and confident. She shares her personal fashion journey and offers suggestions for where to get the most fashionable sales, fashion, and lifestyle tips.

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Newspapers like Chicago Woman, Huffington Post as well as Daily Candy have featured The Gold Coast Girl.

Stylish Clothes 2021

Hello, everybody! Hello and welcome to Trendy Outfits 2021 my blog! Sydney here is a Chicago-based fashionista under the name. I’ll post my latest fashion advice as well as outfit and makeup tips in my personal blog. I wish you enjoyment!

Men’s Summer Fashion 2021

Lightweight fabrics such as cotton and linen natural hues and designs and accessories that can be worn casually or dressed up are the most important pieces for the summer of 2021’s men’s fashion. Here are some of the top trends for the season:

  1. The breathable qualities of linen and cotton are excellent and light fabrics that are ideal for hot climates. Particularly, when compared to other textiles, linen has an organic feel and luster.
  2. Prints and natural hues due to their compatibility. In combination with other clothing objects, earthy hues and prints are popular for summer clothes.
  3. Accessorize. An accessory that can be dressed up or down an outfit, making it suitable for every occasion. Make sure to choose multi-purpose accessories suitable for summer, like a scarf, or bandanna. Which can be tied in a variety of different ways on the neck and the head.

Below are some fashion ideas for summer 2021 based on these essential pieces:

  1. Lightweight and natural color linen shirts can be styled in a variety of ways, including accessories.
  2. You can wear a dress or the look of a cotton shirt by picking the natural color.

The Top 9 Chicago Beauty & Fashion Bloggers to Follow

The fashion and beauty industries in Chicago are always growing and changing. There are many Chicago-based beauty influencers, and many of them are well-known across the country and even internationally. Here are nine fashion and beauty influencers to add to your list whether you’re looking to bring an extra bit of Chicago to your daily routine. You’re considering Chicago fashion as a base for your own fashion-forward journey.

Michelle Thames | Happily Ever Natural

Its Happily Ever Natural label is certainly more focused on fashion and beauty. Particularly for women looking to live an organic lifestyle to live. Michelle Thames is a self-branded social media expert and even though managing social media is her main field of expertise. However, she believes that the Happily Ever Natural brand is definitely more about fashion and beauty. Follow Michelle for the best daily fashions you’ll not find elsewhere along with social media management tips.

Heidi Daoud | Wishes & Reality

The Heidi Daoud has been able to attract more than 75,000 Instagram followers by sharing the most attractive deals from retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and many more. He often showcases low-cost outfits which are also ones you can buy. Whatever your budget you can follow Heidi to receive everyday outfits for your feed at a cost you can manage to afford.

JP Thomas | JZPThomas

The slogan of JP who is the founder of JZPThomas can be described as “Where Fashion and Fitness Meet.” She tries to inspire other women with the notion that fashion and fitness are equally crucial. On JP’s Instagram, you will find photos of her exercising and posing in her most-loved fitness clothes, and wearing stunning accessories.

Samantha Kramer | Gold Coast Girl

Samantha Kramer definitely covers all the essentials for a successful fashion blogger. Her posts cover topics on motherhood, fashion life, and food. Keep following Gold Coast Girl to make sure that it’s on your Instagram feed, whether you’re seeking a specific food at home or some mommy-friendly fashions to provide you with ideas for your style.

Caitlin Jecklin & Danielle Sommerfeld

The concept of being best buddies is definitely embedded in the DNA of this immensely successful website, Once Upon a Dollhouse boldly describes it in the form of “The Original best Friend blog.” From the blog to Instagram to their wildly loved podcast, the two are always together. Follow them on their shared Instagram account to learn more about their travels and fashion ideas from “Mom and hot aunt.”

Kelly Larkin | Kelly in the City

Kelly Larkin was born and raised in Connecticut She then moved to New York City in 2006 after which she moved to Chicago in 2014. There, they discovered her “forever house.” She is currently sharing everything that happens in her life for her 100,000plus Instagram followers that include everything from an evening out with her husband, to major occasions in the lives of her two daughters to their ongoing home renovations at Lincoln Park. Follow her to bring a bit of warmth in your Instagram feed.

Jess Keys | The Golden Girl

The goal behind Jess Keys’ online presence is to build a community for women who wish to look and feel confident every day. The site is “for the real world,” Jess’s style blogs provide options that are affordable price, flexible, and timeless enough to become out of fashion when you purchase the items. You can be sure of Jess to write about topics that are practical and relatable.

Jennifer Worman

Content development is Jennifer’s full-time job So you can be certain that she’s putting all her energy into it. Her website, as well as her Instagram account, are both a reflection of that. she describes her personal brand as a “fashion and travel interior, food, and wine lover.” You can access some of her most-liked posts on Instagram and her website as dupes that are cheap copies of high-end items.


Helen Berkun is a designer who makes use of her design company, BERKUNSTYLES, to display a carefully selected blend of timeless pieces as well as contemporary influences. Through her account, which is her personal Instagram profile, she posts about Chicago fashion each day which has helped make her significantly more famous. If you’d like to follow her everyday Chicago life through her Instagram feed, you can follow her.

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