Can You Eat Popcorn with Braces?

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If you’re about to get braces or have been having treatment for a while knowing the foods you can and should not consume will make your life easier and enjoyable.

Yes, you are able to eat popcorn with braces, but you should consume hulless popcorn. The main reason you should not consume popcorn kernels that are regular with braces is that you may break or tear off an arm or wire. Additionally, hulls may be trapped in the gums as you are chewing on the popcorn.

Hulless popcorn is the ideal choice for eating popcorn while you have braces in place until you have your braces removed.

Can You Eat Hulless Popcorn While Wearing Braces?

Hulless popcorn is generally made from a smaller kernel. The hulls break down into smaller pieces as the kernel pops. Some claim that eating hulless popcorn is safer since there’s less possibility of it getting stuck between braces.

There are no research studies that have been conducted to determine whether hulless popcorn is safe to eat for those wearing braces. It is recommended to speak with your dentist before eating popcorn.

Ask their opinion on hulless kernels as in comparison to regular kernels. Hulless popcorn wasn’t the norm in our home as a child with braces, therefore I don’t have any direct experience. Our family now prefers Hulless popcorn.

Can you eat regular Popcorn without braces?

Unpopped popcorn hulls are extremely hard, and the force of a single bite of the kernels of popcorn is strong enough to crack a brace or cut wire. A single mistake could cause a trip to the dental office.

As we typically consume popcorn in the evening it is necessary to stay up until the following day to fix it If they are able to accommodate you for an urgent patient.

In addition, popped hulls can be tiny enough to be stuck between wires or brackets, and even your teeth. The tiny pieces are difficult to discern and difficult to get rid of.

If a hull or even a small portion of the kernel is entangled between your gums, it could result in gum inflammation. Pain, redness, and swelling of the gums are signs of inflammation.

Avoid popcorn that is sticky like caramel corn since it’s much more difficult to stick the caramel inside your braces, and it is more difficult to get out.

How Do You Get Stuck Popcorn Out of Your Braces?

If you opt to snack on regular popcorn Here are some strategies you can employ to take you out of the mouth in case it becomes stuck.

  • Place a glass of lukewarm water into your mouth and hold for 30 seconds then gently swirl the water throughout your mouth. Then, you can flush the water out and repeat the procedure two times. The goal is to help loosen the piece that is stuck naturally.
  • Rinse your toothbrush with warm water. Then, brush downwards, as if you were taking the piece of material off your teeth. Repeat the process multiple times to see whether it yields any outcomes.
  • Take a piece of floss between your teeth. After that, you can pull the floss back and up against your tooth, pressing it against the area where the floss is stuck.
  • Use a dental instrument or flossers (with beware!) to softly loosen the piece and take it off.
  • Make use of a waterpik to eliminate the popcorn.
  • Brush flossers can be used to reach between the gums or between the teeth.
  • If you’ve tried one of these, ensure you rinse your mouth thoroughly and brush your teeth in order to clean your mouth.
  • If all else fails Contact your orthodontist. If the hull remains for a long time it could encourage an infection and growth of bacteria.

Tips to Eat Popcorn With Braces

Here are some suggestions to avoid a damaged wire or bracket if you do consume popcorn.

  • Enjoy the popcorn that is hulless
  • Be sure to remove kernels that aren’t popped.
  • Enjoy your popcorn with a hint of spice as an alternative to other ingredients such nuts, caramel, seeds or hard candy.
  • Slowly and slowly.

Which Popcorn Snacks Can I Eat while wearing braces?

There’s a new product in the snack category of popcorn chips. They’re pop yellow corn which means there aren’t kernels with hulls or hard shells to become stuck in your braces.

They’re popped and not fried, which means they are more softer as compared to potato chips. There are a variety of flavors such as kettle or cheddar, meaning there will be a taste that is suitable for all.

Other Snack Ideas Safe for Braces:

  • Candy bars made of chocolate (without nuts)
  • Ice cream (without the use of nuts and hard bits)
  • Frosted yogurt (without the use of nuts and hard bits)
  • Soft cookies (without nuts)
  • Cheese Puff Chips (no hard chips)
  • Chocolate dipped fruit
  • Pudding or Jell-o
  • Cake (without nuts)
  • Brownies (without nuts)

At home, we love this machine. It utilizes bananas as its primary ingredient, then turns it into soft-serve ice cream.

You can also add other fruits, such as strawberries, to make a nutritious alternative to snack foods. It is also possible to go another route and add chocolate and whipped cream and it will taste like the taste of a split banana sundae.

There are many recipes on Try out the Cookie Dough or the Orange Whip Recipe. Sometimes we place them in the form of an ice cream cone for you to delight in.

Mug Cakes With Braces:

Another food item that’s a hit is Mug cakes. Of course, you can enjoy the cakes with braces if you stay clear of any flavor that contains nuts. They’re easy and quick to prepare and we like adding whipped cream to ours.

There is also the option of buying brownie mug cakes, and then top them with Yonanas and chocolate syrup and whip cream for an ice cream brownie. It’s just a thought.

So, the movie-watching routine that involves eating popcorn (try to avoid hulless) is not required to be ended with braces, however, it’s best to have a different snack and then leave the popcorn in its place for the next couple of years.

We all know that not everyone adheres to the guidelines, so be cautious in the event that you indulge in popcorn and try to limit the amount of your consumption until you’ve got your braces removed. There are plenty of alternatives for snacks that you don’t have to be feeling depleted. Have fun!

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